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You're part of an exploration unit to save Earth. After the long half-death of cryosleep, you emerge to find new worlds before you. As communication shatters, will you be able to assemble the pieces and discover the truth? Will you save your world?

Will you even save yourself?

Solus is a first-person discovery game. Explore new worlds, complete puzzles, and delve into the mysteries of forgotten civilizations. Currently under development. 

Visit our website at www.playsolus.com

Install instructions

Unpack the rar file ( you may need an application such as WinRAR) and extract the entire folder. Play game by running GravityPlanet.exe within the folder!


Solus.rar 893 MB


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Are you not aware of the already released alien planet/ space exploration game 'The Solus Project'? http://www.thesolusproject.com/

So I like some of what's going on here, and other parts, not so much. The intro and some of the voice acting were the most impressive parts overall. The story seemed a little barren and, as someone who is a bit of an astronomy nerd, there were a few holes that nagged at me the whole time. The planet exploration was pretty underwhelming, but the size of the planet felt about right. Walk to place and push button is only interesting about twice and there wasn't enough else going on to hold up everything else. That and I think I broke the game in trying to pick up some artifact or something. It all has my curiosity, but not really my interest. I think one of the biggest points is getting your decided art style down and polishing that up, seems like you're not going for realism so amping up the style could go a long way with the overall look.